We are rebel creators.. Programmed to create & we cannot stop.

Channeling our inner Howard Roark, 'We create coz we are dissatisfied with what already exists.'

So here we are, changing the world, one new artwork at a time!

We are a vegan & animal friendly brand. We love our animals more than we love ourselves.

Being eco-conscious, we take utmost care to source responsibly & to keep our carbon footprint at the bare minimum.

We have been Creative Freaks all our lives & our online shop has been running (cha-ching!) since March 28th 2017.

We are a Delhi based company. Our team is comprised of:

1. Nimisha Sharma - the Creative Director

nimisha sharma

She wears many creative hats - 3d Animator, graphic Designer, portrait Painter & the occasional reluctant cook.

Cult Funk is her brainchild. Each design is lovingly nurtured from conception to finish.

Each order is hand packaged by her...

with a generous sprinkle of Good Vibes + Fairy Dust...
shipped to the soothing sounds of Wind Chimes...
followed by a ceremonial Happy Dance!

Every purchase you make at CULT FUNK, helps her pursue her life's passion for ART.

2. Fifu - the lovely beagle


He gives her company during late work hours, way past his bed time.

To him we are utterly grateful, for not chewing up the samples & for all the timely cuddles!



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